KDEPIM 4.6 Beta5

Today KDEPIM 4.6 Beta5 is tagged and released.

Once the mirrors catch-up you should find the source code in ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/unstable/kdepim/4.5.95.

Also, I know some distros will be providing their users access to this new release for your testing pleasure.

Here's a partial the list of bugs we've fixed in the past few months since the last beta (thanks Christophe):

-- kdepim --
264148: Akonadi: kontact crashes when deleting mail from imap
247473: akregator: Akregator adds articles to the bottom of the list instead of the top
266490: akregator: untranslatable strings "Share Article"
263554: KAddressbook: Saving a new contact group doesn't close dialog immediately
256802: KDE PIM Mobile: Improve Datepicker widget
259709: KDE PIM Mobile: Line-Edit deletion "X" overlays text entered
261054: KDE PIM Mobile: kleopatra displays an empty white screen after starting.
262744: KDE PIM Mobile: Splashscreen is hidden and load cursor dissapears too early
262680: kdepim: kmail crash when handling brocken vcf files
268376: kdepim: typo in message context "a filed called 'unknown'"
268377: kdepim: "colour" should be "color" in American English
261975: KJots Mobile: Adding sub-notebook fails
259125: Kleopatra: kleopatra server features should be disabled
263597: Kleopatra: key list too big
263600: Kleopatra: sending certificates by mail doesn't work
263601: Kleopatra: many windows bigger than screen and not scrollable
263604: Kleopatra: some file dialogs are save and not load dialogs
258859: KMail Mobile: Message list display format doesnt get saved
260289: KMail Mobile: korganizer-mobile window is not brought to front when clicking on "Check my calendar" in kmail-mobile
262735: KMail Mobile: Group by date message up sometimes, e.g. showing yesterday - saturday - yesterday - saturday
263023: KMail Mobile: Wrong ordering in message list
263118: KMail Mobile: Quicksearch in threads prevents me to go back to message list
263809: KMail Mobile: can't decrypt or get signature details
263856: KMail Mobile: Links are very hard to activate in the messageviewer
264435: KMail Mobile: email display: default should be to show all recpients
264447: KMail Mobile: email invitation default should be to delete invitations when they have been acted on
264268: kmail2 Copy dialog ('c' shortcut) doesn't copy
266063: kmail2 KMail don't include Message-ID into header
253363: kontact: Crash when trying to change the Akregator backend settings if the module is not loaded.
264240: kontact: Calendar/Todo templates don't applying
268662: kontact: KAddressbook launched from Kontact is partly untranslated, translation catalog are not loaded
167114: korganizer: Ability to sort to-do list by completion date
194978: korganizer: Difference between local and event timezone is not dynamic
230392: korganizer: Details view never displays journal entries contrary to its description
258866: korganizer: Month view span does not get updated before the first Monday of the month.
268373: korganizer: wrong filter for "All files": "*.*" -> "*"
268374: korganizer: widget title "StackedWidget" should not be translatable
268375: korganizer: "TextLabel" should not be translatable
270431: korganizer: Zooming into agendaview breaks scrolling
257790: korganizer: Cannot save a png attachment
258712: korganizer: Menu indicator doesn't stop on View
259731: korganizer: archive old events action not working
259732: korganizer: edit attendee dialog has wrong layout
259828: korganizer: Cannot configure colors for categories in the configure categories dialog.
260267: korganizer: calendar configuration: a lot of time fields not changable
263557: korganizer: Time selection usabilty: clock digits very hard to hit
263792: korganizer: scrollbar handle scrolls in the wrong direction when dragged
263840: korganizer: monthview: calendar inside, category outside: A event without category has a green border.
263849: korganizer: calendar timeline: Selected day should be displayed.
263857: korganizer: cannot create a calendar favorite/ no menu entry.
263865: korganizer: Modifying an event where I am a participant, changes me to organizer without asking
263874: korganizer: calendar: leaving maintenance mode does not clear set quick search filter
264503: korganizer: In week view opening the choose calender color menu isn't opened
264597: korganizer: Invitation updates miss SEQUENCE, so is not recognised as update
264598: korganizer: Invitation emails have encoding problems (e.g. with umlauts)
264604: korganizer: outlook compatible invitations are still send as attachment must be in the body

-- kdepim-runtime --

260009: Akonadi IMAP: akonadi_resource crash on resume from suspend to RAM
262423: Akonadi POP3: Akonadi shows too many "Could not authenticate" dialogs
263956: Akonadi DAV: Akonadie crash on startup
266358: Akonadi MDA: Akonadi agent crashes when sending e-mail and on KDE login
255305: KDE PIM Mobile: Account wizard first page display problem after scrolling down and up
249499: KMail Mobile: "Could Not Authenticate"- Dialog: Buttons do not match text