In EBN News...

A couple of newsworthy items regarding The English Breakfast Network

  • Thanks to our awesome admins, we now have 2 aliai (ebn.kde.org and quality.kde.org) that redirect to our classic web address... certainly much easier to type.

  • The Krazy checks are operational again.

  • Our API Documentation site is now providing tarballs containing kdelibs and kdepimlibs man pages generated using doxygen. This is a nice companion to the Qt Assistant version of the same content. Look for the "[man]" links on the top-level page.

  • As an extra bonus, we also have man pages being generated for kde-qt (our KDE tweaks for Qt).

  • Searching on api.kde.org should be improved a bit now. We added search capabilities for namespaces and projects recently. And now search is case-insensitive.

Thanks all I can remember at the moment.

PS. If you are a distro packager, maybe consider making packages for the man pages and Qt Assistant docs??