Kexi in Q4 2010

Short story: In the last day of 2011 Kexi reached the 2.3 release as the other KOffice applications. Versions 2.4 and newer will be developed distributed within the Calligra suite, meaning it stays within the team formed by the same awesome, welcoming community. What changed? Calligra widens the scope of the activities to two main things: offering components for 3rd-party developers and enabling deep customizations of the code base, so new applications can be developed. Desktop versions, as before, are the main incarnations of the Calligra applications.

This process has started spontaneously long ago and Kexi is a part of it too. One thing is Kexi Mobile subproject, already active within Kexi as you can see below. Another is the high-level database handling library Predicate, successor of KexiDB. Predicate found its way into KDE Playground's git as Qt-only component with wider scope than QtSQL (e.g. you can also define/create databases). Because of the origins of the Predicate project, I will usually write about it in the same blog entries that are devoted to Kexi. A short log (based on identi.ca notes): It's worth to mention that the Development Home Page for Predicate is http://community.kde.org/Predicate and for Kexi is http://community.kde.org/Kexi. I am also contributing to the mother of these wikis, http://community.kde.org/Calligra to make sure you have access the most current information about the development in case you'd like to join us.

And as always: The list of current wishes for Kexi. Add yours! There is no easier way to contribute!


Have you considered renaming Kexi to something like "Data", for consistency with "Words", "Tables", "Stage", "Plan" and "Flow"?

By smls at Wed, 01/05/2011 - 15:20

Yes and rejected this idea especially because of investments that have been put into the name (like is the case with Krita). So this topic is closed.

By Jarosław Staniek at Wed, 01/05/2011 - 16:43