A Tale of Chile

I've been last week in Concépcion, south of Chile to attend another nice open source conference, been the second brazilian around ( Sulamita Garcia beat me first :-). But for me was special since last year we have finally some latin american KDE communities giving life signs, and i would expect that take more time to have they start to appear strongly, even more most of latin america been a strong Gnome supporter for years.

Well, here's Camilo Astete to prove me wrong:
From EncuentroLinux2010

Camilo managed to start a group that is large in quality and quantity than we had in Brazil for years, and the result was quite brilliant:

From EncuentroLinux2010

I just jumped in to give my usual motivational talks ( i wish ) and talk from KDE to even Meego in a 4th extra talk i gave on Saturday, the first KDE Day on EncuentroLinux. Not mention small tremor during my talk that i barely felt, but all the guys mentioned to me after. Concépcion was near the epicenter of tragic earthquake on January.

About the conference, EncuentroLinux, i have huge thanks to Carlos Rios Vera for all the help. The "expositores" never was so well been treated !
The event itself was almost like Latinoware for me. The only different part is that for some reason people speaks more spanish and i was the only speaking portuguese ( or portuñol sometimes :-). But place, weather, people. All latinoware. All friendly and happy faces. See for yourself.


I had a great time there and aiming for next year in Puerto Montt or Santiago, where for sure we will have a bigger KDE Day how this community deserve.