Kexi in June & July

  • KOffice Developer Meeting (pictures).
  • Akademy time! One Kexi dev was available for hugs^wdiscussion; chatted a bit with the ownCloud hackers about exposing Kexi databases though it, KDevelop guys about injecting Kexi database plugin in a form of KDevelop's "Database view" and mobile guys about possible options for Kexi Mobile.
  • updated. New tutorial added: Kexi Reports for Beginners
  • Adam works on porting the remaining Q/K3 code in Kexi, starting with the Project Navigator. Ported now.
  • The works on Kexi 2.2 Handbook started within the KDE Userbase wiki:
  • Kexi now supports multipage (large up to 64 KB) memo values when importing data from MS Access. And it's the only open source app doing it!
  • Some work on Predicate, database connectivity and creation library, a new iteration of KexiDB library developed within Kexi (Jarosław). Expect a more in August.