Icecream and glibc 2.11.2

In case you use Icecream (the distributed compile system which makes your coworkers' machines compile KDE for you :)) and happen to be using a glibc >= 2.11.2, you might notice that you are not able to send compilation jobs to other machines while still being visible to the scheduler and receiving jobs from other hosts.

It turns out that some commits to ldconfig made the script which created the environment sent to all other clients not work as expected because of a missing directory.

So until a new stable Icecream release is made (the current one is 0.9.4), make sure to apply this commit to your package to keep things running smoothly.


So that is what it is.. Thanks for working this out.

There is work-around to patching icecream though. What I've been doing for the last several weaks, is simply to call 'icecc --build-native' as root, and then set ICECC_VERSION to the generated file before calling make.

By Allan Sandfeld at Sun, 07/18/2010 - 14:44