Kexi in March+April

No, we do not skip March, for Kexi it was just too silent month to blog about it alone ;) Here we go (based on notes):

  • Follow-up on the SQLite the secure delete thing: Oh boy, the guys rock - they have implemented all my requests for 3.6.23. We're going to recommend this version at least.
  • Autofield widget and layouts will be disabled in Kexi 2.2
  • Fixed visibility of form widget properties in the designer; that was really obscure bug ;)
  • Kexi 2.2 beta 2 arrives in 2 days with KOffice 2.2 beta 2, please test! Yes because of quantum leap there's no Kexi 2.0 nor 2.1 in the wild.
  • Adam just begun work on reports for Kexi 2.3 even before 2.2 is out the door! Supporting plugins and a cleaned up core, so hopefully less bugs (April 4).
  • Adam just added image loading from the database for reports. Closing a bug with 1 line of code.
  • KOffice Developers Sprint 2010 is coming
  • Kexi is in bug fixing mode in preparation for 2.2. Please try out the betas and let us know what you think on or #kexi on freenode (April 19)
  • We've just started development of Kexi Version 2.3 Alpha 1 (a part of KOffice 2.3 Alpha 1)! This is in parallel to perparing 2.2 series.
  • Predicate rather won't be used in Kexi 2.3; doing that is too complex so we keep KexiDB until 2.4 release
  • Group boxes and tab widgets fixed in Kexi forms. Last fixes for 2.2.
  • Optimized display of scaled image entries in table view. Scrolling is smooth for large images too and scaling is smooth.
  • And last but not least: much of the work is possible because of quality bug reporting, thanks for that and we're asking for more :) These weeks special thanks go to George Goldberg!

(brought to you by Adam and myself)

And of course: