Kexi in February

What's new, based on identica notes:

  • Thoughts on deploying SQLite turned out to be work in progress. Valuable input from our distro friends. A special wiki page has been created. See the last item of this entry ;)
  • KoReport, Kexi's rpt backend has undergone some refactoring to make it more generic.
  • Fix number 1, charts working again in the designer.
  • Working through the huge list of issues krazy has found with the kexi codebase, not glamorous, but necessary!
  • Refactored the report renderers, and given better class name, to make the report library suitable for adoption over all of KOffice.
  • Do you want well working MSAccess to Kexi converter? It's up to you - request it!
  • KOffice now has a suite-wide reporting library! (placed in koffice/libs/koreports/)
  • Kexi switched to "system" SQLite again. We want to play with distros well, but will check SQLite features at compilation to maintain high quality standards.

(brought to you by Adam and myself)