Recently a number of nice coincidences happened: I received my second-hand Intuos3 A5 tablet just day before the new shiny Qt 4.6 has landed with QTouchEvent (among many other features). Also I conducted my 3+ hours of trainings on APIs designing to my coworkers (based on Jasmin's document) just week before we had some essential KOffice APIs discussions based on the same material thanks to Olivier Goffart (QtDF).

At sprints I tend to devote my time rather to different areas than those related to regular development. And I like that. For example I agreed on helping Lukas Tvrdy, talented Krita developer working on gorgeous brushes, to help hime with setting up his "win7+kde4.3+emerge+msvc2k9+some-tools-that-make-cmd.exe-suck-less" development environment. At one point, the story is that for debugging some tricky bits of applications the extra installation is handful. Also the code is checked better by having access to multiple different builds - we learned that no single compiler catches all possible human mistakes. Now as the Symbian port of Qt is stable, Qt itself is validated in another way too, and KDE frameworks are no different in this regard - the libs work on so many targets now. Portability is a clear benefit for both users and developers.
Summing up, setting the environment on win7 was nearly a success on the first evening (we just continued on Sunday) - emerge tool works out of the box, with only minor compile fixes needed sometimes as usual in trunk development of KDElibs or Qt (ah, Lukas - now you'd probably like to recompile to 4.6 ;) ).

I hope the pictures show you the climate of the cool meeting:

(kudos to the organizers, both the community and the company)