Brazilian overlords

In case you thought that reading about the Akonadi developer sprint on the dot gave you an all encompassing overview of stuff happening around Akonadi, you forgot our brazilian friends.

Adenilson Cavalcanti, also featured in one of Danny's excellent commit digests, has been working like a mad man (or a genious, thin line and all that ;-) ) on the Akonadi resources for Google's data services.

Since there is no business like show business, we hereby proudly present you, straight from the source, exclusive premium footage of these resources in action.

Video of Akonadi working with Google Contacts

Video of Akonadi working with Google Calendar

(Videos available in Flash and OGG Theora, embedded and downloadable thanks to the excellent blip.tv service)



I just put a resolved sticker on it - I doubt this implementation was as a result of my request but what do I care, I'll be able to update my Google Contacts from my comprehensive KDE one's without any effort. Fan-bleeding-tastic!

Cheers guys.

By behavedave at Wed, 04/08/2009 - 23:37