only kdevelop in a virtual machine

Many of us know this: You are on KDE version "from yesterday" and suddenly, everything breaks. Maybe someone broke the kompile or it is just a bunch of bad code that went in before your checkout and prevents the window manager from starting.

You learn from this mistake, you no longer install to /usr, but you create a dedicated user for your KDE programming fun. Soon, the next painpoints arise:

  • you cannot test the display manager
  • you cannot test the latest system-wide dbus stuff
  • the complexity is just annoying

I kicked both ways to program KDE. I am now using a VMWare Server virtual machine for my programming. Got rid of all problems above. And the best is: I just broke KDE. No problem! I just revert back to the latest snapshot. I am so happy I took this way!


(oops I misused the website, please ignore this; removed my own comment here...)

By David Faure at Wed, 03/31/2010 - 21:47