Akademy 2008

As you've seen from all the stores on the dot and on planetkde this week has seen all the KDE
developers gathering in Mechelen in Belgium. The organisation this year has
been excellent - even the network (usually the achilles heel of KDE
conferences) has worked from day one.

As well as the usual socialising, talks and BoF sessions there has also been a
lot of coding. I've focussed on ksnapshot and plasma, KSnapshot gained a few
minor changes:

  • KSnapshot will now record the window title in the image if you've chosen
    to capture the window decorations. Hopefully this should be useful to indexers
    like strigi.
  • I've fixed the 'not saving settings' bug - it looks like kdelibs changed
  • I've increased the JPEG quality setting a little so screen shots look nicer.
  • Tackat has persuaded me to look into writing a simple post processing app
    so that you can easily apply effects like screenie before you upload your pics
    to the dot.

The work on plasma was again to do with scripting, I first of all got the code
that was broken by the API changes fixed - this meant that the spinning
squares demo now works again. I then got the scripting support for the new
widget api working. You can see this in action in the screenshot below which
shows a calculator written in javascript using the plama widgets next to the
current C++ calculator.

This isn't quite ready to commit because the actual calculator logic is a bit
broken, but it shows that the widget support is nearly ready. In order to make
it easy to test this, I finished the implementation of package uninstalling in
plasma libs so that you can now use the plasmapkg tool to easily install and
remove scripted plasmoids.

I've done a little work on a few other things, but they're not quite ready
yet, so I'll save them for another post.


Nice changes to KSnapshot, I use it _a lot_ :) BTW if you're happen to be poking at the calculator plasmoid, could you check if it works with the numpad on the keyboard? I can't get that to work in 4.1. Maybe it's fixed, or maybe there's a bug filed about it. I'll check later. Clicking the calculator with the mouse isn't very efficient, heh.

By elvstone at Sat, 08/16/2008 - 08:46