My SUSE curse continues

I've never been able to successfully run SUSE or openSUSE, on any of my machines. I don't understand why; it just doesn't work. My latest attempt was to download and burn the openSUSE KDE Four Live CD, last night.

Download ISO. Verify checksum. Burn ISO. Reboot machine. Wait several minutes (more than five) for the boot process.....

Finally! I was greeted by the functional, friendly and green openSUSE KDE4 desktop. Woohoo, right?

I eagerly fired up my favorite app (Alt+F2, "kstars"), but before I could get through the Startup Wizard, my speakers emitted a short burst of rather distressed-sounding chirps, and then the machine was totally unresponsive. I had to hard-reset.

On the second attempt to boot the live CD, it hung during the boot process. Sigh.

I just tried a third time this morning, and it seemed to be working fine this time. However, I'm planning to send this to someone with whom I'd like to make a good impression, so the flakiness is a bit troubling.

Can anyone recommend another LiveCD that includes KStars from KDE4? Not KDE4Daily, I need an actual liveCD.



Simply use some stable hardware for your presentation? :-)

By at Tue, 07/22/2008 - 17:11

Why would SUSE care? You are just a worthless user, a poisonous entity.

By sodepressing at Thu, 07/31/2008 - 06:41