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LinuxTag Excitement

Friday, 30 May 2008  |  cornelius schumacher

LinuxTag is a blast. I'm here for the third day, have met a lot of fantastic people, listened to great talks, and had a lot of fun. On Wednesday there was Aaron's KDE 4 keynote, where he also showed the tremendously exciting Marble with OpenStreetMap integration. Yesterday Till talked about Kontact, which now runs on all platforms including Windows. Liquidat has screenshots, or check it out live at the BSI booth. Another fascinating project I saw is the Open Bicycle Computer, a bike computer built from scratch as open project.

Today at 13:30 there is Nat's keynote The future of Linux is software appliances. Go to room London to see it or check out the live stream. It will be worth it :-)

Today there also is the KDE track and tomorrow will be the openSUSE track with more great talks.

Linuxtag excitement!