Blue Numbers

KDE has always been a community that I saw myself very happy with. Open, friendly and cheerful to newcomers. To improve that, and not to diminish the quality of coding while doing so, #kde-devel is better used for coding only, and suggests #kde-cafe for a socialisation channel. I promoted the use of that channel in the past.

I can't anymore though. Blue Numbers is an op at that channel. Everyone knows her... errrm... sorry, She knows everyone. Whenever she sees a newcomer to that channel, rather than being happy about a new person, she feels the need to follow up an interrogation session. Who he/she is, how he/she found the channel, why is he/she not in #kde-devel (we don't welcome gnomees now, no collaboration supported), what are their real names... oh wait, wasn't Blue Numbers herself using her fake name even in the kde mailing lists? only recently she added the real one to the planet even. And yes, if the person doesn't answer, Blue will /op herself and yes... you know the rest.

So yes, the USA will be happy that a new FBI member is doing the customs check works, and soon we'll all need to use biometric IDs to be able to enter #kde-cafe. So great!

I had complained about it... and now each time somebody joins, Blue Numbers will accuse somebody else (me) of being responsible of that interrogation session. Great! So first she'll go paranoid, and then I'll be the one responsbible.

I live in a country (Spain) that used to be a Dictatorship, just barely 30 years ago. We welcomed democracy. I don't want the same for a kde socialization channel.

If there are two things I really hate are 1) dictators 2) lies


hmm...a bit rude i might say...not only were we just trying to get to know the people, there is no law saying you HAVE to give us your name to be there, we just try to make people feel invited. but oh well that's all I'm saying because anymore and I'd be going somewhere I don't want to go.

By stephaniewhiting at Fri, 05/16/2008 - 06:05

Feel invited means /op and ask the rest if she can kick a person, just because taht person didn't answer?
Feel invited means this morning I had found her, telling a person uga wanted to know their real names? You were there, you saw it.She was putting her doings in my responsibility.
Feel invited means that she had told me in privmsg, that if it were needed she'd put a Bot doing that work for every new person?
I call that feel paranoid. Yes my message was rude. It was intended to be, after her comments, and I could have gone further, as some other people in that channel will know.

By uga at Fri, 05/16/2008 - 06:24

Sheesh, I was asking because I don't like to be the only one to make a kick choice. That's not something you see, but the ops talk about it in pm first.

I'm sorry I mentioned your name at all, if that's what helped start this off, I was joking. I have no clue what the context was for me talking about a bot, so I can't reply to that, sorry. I was probably joking, because most of the bot proposals really weren't cool. In fact, I can't think of any that were.

If you have concerns you should talk to me or one of the other ops, not post random summaries of logs and PMs to planet. Perhaps it's funny, as you were the one that was all freaking about about logs being posted way back when I asked if I could add you to my quotefile for something.

By blauzahl at Fri, 05/16/2008 - 10:03

That channel has *one* person on the ban list, and a grand total of something like four kicks. Ever.

I suspect that will change now. :P

We also have at least one gnome person, so I'm not sure where you got that from. And I was only recently added to planet. I didn't exactly go and later on tell clee to add my name, sheesh.

I should probably post this to planet syndication proper, but I'm hoping you'll come to your senses and remove this. Our one ban was from the day someone invited random people from a non-development channel in.

I'll invite you to hang out in #kde-chat to see what #kde-cafe is probably about to become. But then you don't have guys telling you to go make babies. :P


By blauzahl at Fri, 05/16/2008 - 06:40

Uga: I must say that while I enjoy talking to blauzahl, I agree with you on the topic of #kde-cafe. She has recently been attempting to make the channel private and exclusive, which is has never been in the past. But this is not happening by her hand alone, as there are a few other irc users that agree with her and keep supporting her actions.

Additionally, they created the channel #kde-chat as an alternative to #kde-cafe... there is no need to split these channels -- neither of them have particularly high noise on them, nor do they have a long list of idlers... all this does is serve to make people harder to find on irc, as you need to check more channels, or worse, use private messages for communications that may be better handled in the open. We are open source, after all.

Meh, but what do I know...

By troy.unrau at Fri, 05/16/2008 - 13:28