Keep it going, submit your Akademy talk now!

Yesterday was a busy day on the akademy-talks mailing list. Proposals were rolling in constantly. This is because today is the deadline for submissions of presentations for Akademy 2008. So you still have a chance. Have a look at the Call for Presentations and submit your talk now.

There are so many interesting topics we would like to hear about at Akademy:

  • You have ported your application to KDE 4? Tell about your experience.
  • You run KDE on one of the fancy small devices, be it an Internet tablet, a phone or a tiny laptop? Show us how this works.
  • You are working on one of the pillars of KDE 4? Tell us how to make use of them.
  • You are working on a distribution which includes KDE? Present to us what made your life hard and what made it wonderful.
  • You were a GSoC student last year and are still with the project? Let us know what you have done.
  • You have written a cool Pasmoid or a rocking Akonadi agent? Submit your talk now. We are also accepting lightning talks, if you feel like five or ten minutes are enough to present your work.
  • You are working in the community as a non-coder? Tell us about what else than writing code is important for KDE.
  • You are using KDE in your business? Share your experience.
  • You are working on a related Free Software project? Give us ideas how to collaborate.
  • You are doing something completely different which is related to KDE? Submit your talk now.

I'm looking forward to another wave of exciting talk proposals. Keep it going.