More with MyPoint

So after a few emails of feedback on MyPoint i have made a few changes and updates to the tool.

The big change is that I changed the wiki formatting to trac's flavor of markup. While I don't like it's flavor as much as say media wiki trac is what I use at work and play. The major gain of this that it is easier to collaborate on content with coworkers. Since MyPoint's focus is to make it easier for developers to make presentations with developers tools I thought this was a wise choice.

The other big change was that I added more formatting options and text alignment options to the templates. This gives a great deal of flexability to the text effects in a presentation. Fonts can also be changed via the templates to give more flexability there too. I am still not happy with the template format, but I have not found something better yet. The big goal is that it should be simple, human readable and human editable. This is something that XML just cant offer easily without a good XML editor. This was my big gripe with Magic Point.

The last big change was with respects to the templates is that they can have default backgrounds now. This makes the presentation markup less verbose and lets the author concentrate on the content vs the markup.

For more information about MyPoint check out the webpage at: http://trac.geiseri.com/wiki/MyPointMain. I have a sample presentation there as well as more information about the template format. Personally I think its a cool little tool and have used it for a few presentations already.


I'm the developer of Bruce, a similarly-targetted presentation tool (ie. for people who just want to edit a simple text file). The project is at http://code.google.com/p/bruce-tpt/

Currently Bruce has its own (legacy) plain-text presentation format.

The wiki format looks interesting - have you see ReStructuredText? I've been considering adding support for a format like those to my tool, and would love to be able to produce PDF output too (currently the only export format is HTML with slide content for notes handouts). Perhaps there is some scope for cooperation?

By r1chardj0n3s at Wed, 04/16/2008 - 00:48

Im not sure how much overlap we can have. I know my wiki parser is pretty simple and porting to python from C++ would be trivial. The PDF stuff I cheat. I use the Qt library to generate PDFs. Now with PyQt you can get it for free though. The advantage of python though is that on Linux systems it will be much easier to distribute.

As for restructured text. I have played with the idea, but have yet to execute on it. Right now the big format I think I want to do next is the dockuwiki format since a techwriter friend of mine has a ton of stuff in that wiki format.

Lastly I would love html export, and there might be some hints you can offer there. I have looked at the S3 format for doing presentations but have not gotten very far on it yet.

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Wed, 04/16/2008 - 03:28