And we did it again - Mandriva 2008.1 Spring is out...

Well, was a huge journey for usr this time. 2008.1 was not only an updated 2008.0, but since early design, was clearly that we would try do a big step on our development. Just to mention what arrived since 2008.0, we're integrated Manbo labs work, which means now we're have a real common core system between us and Turbo Linux, we're integrated PulseAudio on whole distro, which was a bold move and even not been so perfect yet, for me proves at all that was the right decision, and of course, we did most of possible fixes and insanities on KDE 3 !!
I can tell, we sacrificed polish a kde 4 environment, today in contrib, due our heavy tasks to make KDE 3 as best as possible. I can't measure the stress of hunt and do changes like we want, and some couldn't be solved to last moments, but i can say was one of the best KDE deployments the Mandriva KDE team did ever. From the screensaver to the kicker changes to menu changes, all small patches and fixes almost impossible to be noted, but which took hours from us to find, or even touch in monster codes like kicker one, and integrate new features.
As i promised myself, the day we gone gold, would be last day i would see KDE 3 in my personal work machine, so now i'm using in production KDE 4.0.68 over 2008.1 base and i guess you know why ...
So congrats to everyone that did a wonderful job on Mandriva Spring and we finally break the curse :-D


Great work on the new Mandriva, I've heard positive reports from all over ;-)

By superstoned at Wed, 04/09/2008 - 18:27

You really did a great job! My sister has been running Mandriva 2008 Spring from RC2 on and it works really nicely. She loves the new screensaver with flowers and the background changing during the day.

As far as I'm concerned I like the new parental control and
backup tools the most. And of course you have once again made an excellent job integrating KDE into the distribution. Thanks to all the people who hang out in #mandriva-kde IRC channel on Freenode.

After a few hiccups a year or two ago Mandriva is really getting better with each release. Both in terms of quality and working with the community. Keep up the great job! Already looking forward to Mandriva Linux 2009 with KDE 4 as the default desktop :)
Live long and prosper!
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By Jure Repinc at Wed, 04/09/2008 - 20:17