Just two calories?

At times when we have only 512MB Compact flash, we always had to download the pictures off the camera, but with these affordable 4GB cards, it can take a while before we see the need to download. So here is my favorite.


As I fellow recent father I have come up with the theory that the color orange is for some reason especially fascinating to babies. Our daughter can stare at the orange drapes in our bedroom for hours, but the green ones in the living room are apparently completely lost on her. I guess they can see some of the folded-in string theory dimensions, through orange stuff. Btw, I notice you are also spending time at the H&M baby section and probably also getting that stuff as gifts all the time, maybe we can swap duplicates, some time. Lily is a size 62 now. ;)

By Till Adam at Wed, 04/09/2008 - 05:46