openSUSE KDE IRC meeting

Some people already think we do a damn fine job packaging KDE at openSUSE. But we're just a few guys and we'd do it even better with your help. Tonight at 1900UTC we're having our latest openSUSE-KDE IRC meeting in #opensuse-kde on FreeNode and we'd love to see you there. This is addressed to anyone who uses KDE on openSUSE and values the way KDE works there, whether you just booted a KDE 4 Live CD or if you can remember KDE 1.1 on SuSE 6.4 and have your name on half of kdelibs. In return we value your attention, so we can tell you what's coming up, your feedback, so we do it right, and your time - if you can help us plan features or organise squashing our bugs or tell us about the things we overlook because we are used to them, KDE gets better.

Together we make an even bigger difference to the Free Software desktop, and every single contribution you make creates hundreds or thousands of individual moments of satisfaction as others use KDE.


Sorry I missed the meeting - 1900UTC winds up being 1500 for me in EST/DST and I was still at work.

I'm 1000% interested in getting more involved and giving back to both KDE and openSUSE in any way I can. I'm not a programmer (at least not C++) but I'm sure there are ways I can help...I just don't know how.


By Jayson Rowe at Thu, 03/27/2008 - 02:41

We can easily schedule late (from where I'm sitting) meetings to accommodate the Americas better. Perhaps you could mail or the opensuse list and suggest it, so we can find a date and time that suits a good few people in your timezone, and give us Europeans time to catch up sleep beforehand ;).

As regards contributing, the best thing to do is to find your personal itch and scratch it, or find ways to help others scratch it. KDE can be coded in Ruby, Python or Mono (and Javascript), and the class of utility applications that can make openSUSE users' lives more comfortable are very suited to being coded in these languages, there are many other avenues open to contributions. Off the top of my head, organising or adding to our opensuse wiki pages to better meet user's information needs, or sharing project management experience to help the hardcore C++ guys work more effectively, or scouring for good default Plasma themes and wallpapers for 11.0, or packaging cool applications from in the Community KDE4 repositories of the OSBS.

By Will Stephenson at Thu, 03/27/2008 - 08:14