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QtScript Web Browser

Monday, 24 March 2008  |  rich

As some of you may have seen, Kent has released the QtScript binding generator on Troll Tech labs. I've been playing with the code for a bit, and as with KJSEmbed one of the first tests was to make sure you could use it to write a simple web browser. Kent recently added support for QUiLoader to the bindings and as a result, I can use the QWebView designer plugin to make things simple. The result is a basic web browser in less than 10 lines of javascript:

var loader = new QUiLoader(null);
var file = new QFile("browser.ui");, QIODevice.Text));

var web = loader.load(file,null);;


There's also a very simple designer ui file that just contains the web view and a layout. Here's the obligatory screenshot: