KDE at Novell's BrainShare event

Over in Salt Lake City, Utah, Novell's BrainShare 2008 event is taking place. This is where the faithful come to see what's new and good in the big red N world every year, and what would be better to liven up a wintry landscape than a colourful talk about KDE 4? The KDE Team here at Novell have worked our KPats off all over KDE 4 to make it great and the Novell customer base deserve to know about it. So I put together a presentation to communicate the advantages of the brand new version of the other desktop on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and since 1839kg of CO2 is not to be sniffed at, got my colleagues Adrian Schroeter and Zonker who are big KDE fans and were already attending to present it. So the interested but not-a-techy introduction to KDE 4 can be found here (Novell login eg Build Service, forums or bugzilla required) along with a lot of other interesting stuff about what Novell does with Linux.