Quickies but Goodies

A list of good stuff that I was involved with in the past week:

* The PIM team (mostly Till) posted the KDE PIM 3.5.9 Features List. A huge list of exciting, new features that will be released with KDE 3.5.9 resulting from the merge of the enterprise branch.

* The Release Team started a KDE 4 Feature Plan. The items on the plan are things we hope to accomplish during the KDE 4 lifecycle. Don't take it too seriously; but it does give a glimpse into what developers are thinking/hoping to accomplish over the next few years.

* I imported Oral's Planner summary for Kontact from the old kdepim-3.5.5+ branch into trunk. It's ported to Qt4/KDE4 and it mostly works now. Danimo made a nice configuration dialog with Qt designer that I need to hook up, and there are some missing icons, but it is coming along.

Oral: if you are reading this... please contact me about Planner.