I can never install openSUSE

I've tried before, the installer always fails for me. But, I'm getting fed up with Gentoo (finally), so I decided to give it another try. Surely this time would be better...

Boot from the DVD, the progress bar on the green screen gets to around 30% and just sits there. Hard-boot. Try again, press Esc to see log messages. It's hanging on: "braille.4.1 alva read data".

Search opensuse forums and mailing lists...nothing.
Search google...nothing.

What the heck? It's not like I have bizarre hardware. I'm just cursed I suppose :P

If anyone knows of a boot option to let the kernel know that I am sighted and therefore don't need braille, PLMK.


I had a similar problem with a Debian CD. Took me ages to find out that my DVD recorder was to blame. Burned the disc with a different system and it just worked. Note that the first recorder i used never has problems. It's only bootable CD-Rs. I know it's trivial, but thought I might as well tell you.

By gemuend at Fri, 01/25/2008 - 15:41

It's possible. In fact, I was not able to burn the DVD on my linux box (k3b kept saying "unformatted or incompatible media" when I tried), so I burned in on my MacBook.

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By Jason Harris at Fri, 01/25/2008 - 17:09

Try checking md5sums, or better, see if the suse installer can check the cd for defective packages... Generally, that's the issue with stuff like this. I know Kubuntu has a 'check cd' option in it's grub, maybe suse does as well. And you can let K3B check the cd after burning, too.

By superstoned at Fri, 01/25/2008 - 16:13

I should have mentioned that I did check the md5 sum...it's correct. So the iso is fine, now it's a question of whether the Disc is ok. I'll look for an integrity check when I get home tonight.

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By Jason Harris at Fri, 01/25/2008 - 17:07

You should create an ISO from your DVD and check the md5sum for that. If it's ok, the usual next thing to do is to boot with acpi=off apm=off.

By amantia at Sat, 01/26/2008 - 08:27

Consider looking at the boot options (F2, F2, text file on disk, etc..).. There are many things you can skip at bootup.

By vdboor at Fri, 01/25/2008 - 18:07

Try 'acpi=off' and/or 'noapic'.

I have an AMD based system that has never liked SuSE without those options.

Under 10.1, I had to disable powersaved completely.

By grat at Sun, 01/27/2008 - 03:51

Try waiting some time, the alva stuff should time out after a few minutes. If you have connected something to your serial ports, disconnect that and try again.
AFAIK "alva read data" is a status message from the braille interface which usually uses hardware connected to the serial port.


By dark-star at Mon, 01/28/2008 - 20:11

You might want to do a ctrl+alt+f1 or f2, to get a shell, do a ps and see if there is some rpm process running, I am assuming the 'rpm' process will be stuck at braille, you can kill it and get back to the installer window. There should be a prompt asking if you want to retry, skip, or abort.

By shishirverma at Mon, 07/07/2008 - 10:30