KDE 4.0.0 from Mandriva and Brazil - A big thanks to all KDE team

First of all, on behalf of all Mandriva KDE team ( me, Gustavo Boiko, Danilo C├ęsar and our main contributor Nicolas Lecureuil ), we want to to say a big thanks for the enourmous efforts and the present result named KDE 4.0.0 !
Been for some time in the last years actively involved in KDE development in many ways considering distributions and even the amount of rants and talks on conferences, i'm proud to be the small part of this huge project that prove in many ways that we can deploy desktop on opensource with quality.
If users are looking for Mandriva packages, we have it at http://download.kde.org/download.php?url=stable/4.0.0/Mandriva/

Now, on behalf of Brazilian KDE team, i can say we did it !! Let's get out tonight and celebrate because is all deserved, mainly the translation team who did a fantastic last hour work !
Thanks to Nuno Pinheiro from Oxygen that provided the nice portuguese image.

So happy KDE 4.0.0 day for everyone !!


First of all, a big THANK YOU, to all of the KDE and Mandriva developers and testers, this day is like New Years Eve for me now...

I'm a little 'n00by' in linux and unix like systems, so this will be a little lame request.
I don't want to install the packages with the install/remove app because i downloaded all the packages so I can have them for an offline install. My point was can someone make a scirpt which installs the packages in correct order, so I can only put it in the foder with the RPMS run it, and wait for the install.

A lot of people will benefit I think with a script like that, but, like I said.. my knowledge is limited..

By Martin Spasovski at Fri, 01/11/2008 - 23:24

This steps to make local repos ( need be superuser ):
0 - Open a konsole
1 - Go to the dir where you download your packages
2 - type genhdlist2 .
3 - Add your new local repository tytping urpmi.addmedia kdelocal (yourdir)
4 - Install the packages you want, i recomend urpmi kdebase4 kdebase4-runtime kdebase4-workspace kde4-okular kdegames4
5 - On login manager, select session KDE 4 and enjoy !!


By Helio Chissini de Castro at Sat, 01/12/2008 - 01:43