System Settings gets Interviewed

I decided a couple of weeks ago to sort System Settings out and here is the first result: I reworked the views using Qt4's InterView framework, reusing the KCategorizedView from Dolphin. This gives us a better quality view than the hard coded view used until now - item layout should work at large font sizes or high res displays. It will also make it much easier to improve the UI with custom delegates and category drawers in future - just by reusing code. I was able to chuck out a couple of classes entirely which will make System Settings easier to maintain.

There are a number of things still to do, at the moment KCategorizedView always draws a rubberband, and the number of search hits are not displayed, but it's usable already and these will soon be fixed.

Here's the screenshot:

[image:3168 id align=center hspace=20 vspace=20 border=0 width=437 height=413 node=3168]


i like the code reuse !

very good work

By wintersommer at Sun, 12/23/2007 - 22:35

The terms "System Settings" and "Computer Administration" are a little ambiguous, for example if one was to transpose the two terms in the screenshot above would anyone even notice. The only problem is, is that the alternatives that I have thought up are either too technical (daunting to general users), to precise (appear anal) or involve seperating the sets in to more groups which is not preferable. I shall think on a little.

Dave T

By behavedave at Mon, 12/24/2007 - 01:06

Nice stuff! Amazing what you can do with code reuse.

Small things I think that should be changed:
- the titles are very large now. It looks a bit "screaming" or cluttered to me now.
- I think there should be a bit more vertical-margin between the different groups.


By vdboor at Mon, 12/24/2007 - 09:40


I would love to see System Settings going in this direction:

But if this will (unfortunatly) not happen, I would recommand one window with some more catagorizes but without the two tabs at the top. So the rest of the settings would be just more catagorizes.



By rpw at Mon, 12/24/2007 - 10:38

Any hope for panel settings in final release? (Height, skin, width... Just like in 3.5.)

By kikke at Sun, 01/06/2008 - 10:59