Usable TechBase layout

Too many KDE folks refuse to use because it breaks blocks of code.

You can however make it usable. A hint just for you:

[jstaniek] btw, I've improved a bit, and have 'windows port' column
[jstaniek] does not use oxygen wiki style which actually causes usability problems with blocks
[marc_kdab] oh, you can switch the style?
[marc_kdab] how?
[marc_kdab] that could actually make the wiki readable :)
[marc_kdab] hates fixed-width formats in websites
[jstaniek] marc_kdab: ah, so I should blog about this; too many folks complain... and I talked to danimo @ akademy but... well...
[jstaniek] (same for websvn, btw)
[marc_kdab] yes, and the apidox
[jstaniek] marc_kdab: login -> my preferences (on the topbar) -> skin tab -> monobook
[marc_kdab] oh, sigh, login...
[jstaniek] marc_kdab: y, you can set permanent login
[jstaniek] hacked his wiki page with readable breadcrumbs, eg. "News->Kexi Releases-> Kexi 2007.1" and forced reasonable width (
[marc_kdab] ahhh :)
[marc_kdab] mediawiki look
[marc_kdab] files a request for mediawiki to remove styling :)
[jstaniek] the oxygen style is great but also breaks mediawiki skin rules a bit - e.g. we have even no kde logo defined for the web site... :)


If that style is more usable, why isn't it default?

By seele at Thu, 12/20/2007 - 14:41

When I brought this issue up the guys claimed I was just too much used to non-fixed layouts to notice that *really* there are no problems at all with fixed width layouts, its just a change, nothing more. Afterall, someone would soon create a full-width layout css. Right? Nope, never happened.

The unfortunate part here is that the designers of the style put so much effort into this, without requesting any feedback whatsoever, that when they put it up they were overwhelmed with the feedback (lots of it bugreports) and they ran off leaving the core web devs behind to pick up the pieces.

I'd love to see someone design a new website layout for all KDEs websites. The hard part is to figure out how to make something that doesn't suck but still to avoid endless bikesheds whenever a design is presented for feedback...

By Thomas Zander at Thu, 12/20/2007 - 17:10