Another nightly build from Berlin

How's possible that most of my nightly builds I mention here, come from Berlin so far? Tasty food ensured by Trolltech or KDAB? Weißbier?

(gfx by mkbart, based on Oxygen icons)

In Berlin KDAB headquarters we have found all facilities needed for hacking. Awesome!

Anyway, here come another two KOffice apps running on Windows. Read on for tasty screenshots >>>

When Thorsten Zachmann, already half-Pole as his wife comes from my country, asked for KPresenter on Windows, I couldn't oppose, especially that the government gave us extra hour on Saturday night :)

KPresenter's startup on Windows (click to enlarge)

KPresenter on Windows with various shapes (click to enlarge)

It turned out that Johannes Simon, hacking into KChart, among other guys, is relatively young and apparently - tireless and able to ask and listen, what I value in the long term.

KChart with full antialiasing, also accepting 3rd-party shapes like freehand vector lines (click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

But not only that encouraged me to present KChart on Windows, so more people can discover this software based on excellent KDAB's contribution. I decided to give a hint what KOffice integration for Kexi means in my opinion.

KChart-based plugin for Kexi displaying information from live data sources; work in progress (click to enlarge)

A wall next to the KDAB's office

For novices, I think I should repeat this: (unlike in OpenOffice.org), porting means for us making the _single_ source code portable and behaving more natively across Linux/Unix/MacOSX/Windows/who-knows-what-else.

There is practically _no_: (a) #ifdefs, (b) custom file of Windows code, (c) any Windows resource files, (d) Windows-style Makefiles or msvc projects. The three former features are the reality thanks to Qt and KDE libraries, and the last thanks to flexible CMake build system.


... to have you guys here. The spin that the KOffice meetings generate is amazing. You guys do an excellent job. We are looking forward to having you back here in half a year.

By Mirko Boehm at Wed, 10/31/2007 - 11:13