Canvasing the vectors

As some of you may have known, KHTML in trunk has support for the <canvas> element. Unfortunately, it was based on some very old and borderline insane Apple code, which meant that except for the nice graphics bits written by Zack, it was all wrong, and when it worked, did so mostly by accident.

Well, not any more. Over Friday evening and parts of Saturday I rewrote most of it, doing my best to bring it in line with HTML5. Allan helped out by making it parse right. Well, it works pretty well now, good enough for the obligatory screenshot:

Yes, there are still bugs. There are some missing features (some due to Qt limitations, some due to me thinking they are horrific ideas, and lots due to me not being sufficiently familiar with modern inefficient vector graphics), but it should all be incremental from this.


Won't KDE4 use WebKit where the element is allready fully supported?

By nikotto at Tue, 10/16/2007 - 06:02

We do not plan on adopting that particular fork of KHTML at this time. And what makes you think it's fully supported, and doubly so on non-OS X platforms? Yes, Apple created canvas, but it's out of their hands now.

By Maksim Orlovich at Tue, 10/16/2007 - 06:43

Good point, so for all the WebKit fans this means that *if* KDE or Trolltech will use WebKit, we still benefit from your work, because it can be incorporated to QtWebKit? :-)

By vdboor at Tue, 10/16/2007 - 07:22

Many webdesigners check their pages in Safari - but not too many in Konqueror.
If both would have the same engine, Konqueror would benefit (I mean, Konqueror is allrady my primary browser - but sometimes complex JavaScript causes problems)
Furthermore WebKit will be integrated into Qt 4.4.

By nikotto at Tue, 10/16/2007 - 07:31

Webkit in Qt won't be released until Qt 4.4, which is planned after KDE4.0 is already released. So for 4.0 webkit will most likely not be used by our users.
After that point I'm sure that some distro's will consider shipping webkit instead of khtml. In my opinion this is a typical case where the distro and end users decide what becomes the standard for KDE4.

By Thomas Zander at Tue, 10/16/2007 - 07:40

having a choice sounds very good!
(I haven't thoght about the release-date of Qt 4.4)

...but a choice means also more work for you kde people :D

By nikotto at Tue, 10/16/2007 - 11:21