ABN Amro Real Bank want to shutdown linux clients in Brazil... Is already a Santander move ?

First of all, i'm working in a Linux company, i use Linux for almost everything in my life except gaming.
Second, my company sold like hundred thousand of linux machines all over the world.
Third, it's obvious for any smart person that actually read regular information about computer world see that linux is growing A LOT.
Then, suddenly, the bank that i use ( and many of my fellows co-workers ) decide the very smart move to include an security applet that simply makes mandatory the use of Microsoft Windows. And they tell this explicitely.
They provide a telephone to users of "other operational systems" to inform then that they're not using MS ( maybe to tell then to use telephone operations ). Ok, would be barely ok if..
..i'm outside my country. The only way i have to pay my accounts is by internet banking, as my family lives away from my city. And will not back until the terminal date od back change, 19 October. So, if some issue happens during my stay out my home, like pay the credit card debts, that i'm using here, to avoid lock, i'll be helpless, or use some non-personal computer with Microsoft Windows to deal with my money.
Nice, huh ? To have security, i just need abandon my current security in favor of a use unsecure computer that i can't assure if is reliable.
Maybe can i ask ABN to give me R$ 500,00 in my account to buy a copy of some non portuguese Microsoft Windows here to solve my issue :-P

Of course, who cares about Linux users ? Not ABN Amro. Should we include Santander in this too ?


The bank will be bought shortly. It will be split up in various parts. The customer bank parts will probably be taken over by Fortis. So there is more chaos ahead. Maybe you should just go to a different bank.

By Jos van den Oever at Tue, 10/09/2007 - 18:07

Replying to myself after some more reading. Banco Santander will take over the Brazilian and Italian part of ABN-AMRO.

By Jos van den Oever at Tue, 10/09/2007 - 18:17

Yep, we read today about Santander and the latin languages country acquisitions
Jos, i was looking for banks with internet banking banks suitable for Linux in Brazil, and looks like HSBC have Firefox certified, so maybe i have a new port to dock ;-)

By Helio Chissini de Castro at Tue, 10/09/2007 - 23:30

Hi Hélio!

You can try Banco do Brasil.
I access its site in my PC with Slackware without problems.
PS.: I'm Banco do Brasil's employee. :D

Diniz Bortolotto
Systems Analyst
KDE Localization - Brazilian Portuguese Team Admin

By Diniz Bortolotto at Wed, 10/10/2007 - 04:37