Man Pages for API Dox

I like man pages.

So today I wrote a little script called that uses doxygen to generate API Dox in man page format
from our KDE source code.

To use:

% cd trunk/KDE/kdelibs
% ../kdesdk/scripts/ -d /path/to/kde/share

Replacing "/path/to/kde" in these instructions with the real path to your KDE4 installation.

Repeat for other KDE modules: kdepimlibs, etc.

Now add /path/to/kde/share/man to your MANPATH environment variable (or add "MANPATH /path/to/kde/share/man" to your /etc/man.config file).

At this point you should be about to run 'man KAboutData', for example, from the comfort of your konsole command line.

Of course, is useful too :)


You are not the only one who likes man pages.

Actually Debian requires that every application with commandline parameters does have a man page.

Since most of our applications don't volunteers around our Debian packagers had to create them, sometimes using a semi-automated approach (parsing --help output)

Since a lot of options are shared between KDE applications, e.g. all Qt and KDE base options, it would be nice to have some kind of framework where application maintainers could just add their own options to some file and the build process would create the man pages along other form of documentation.

By krake at Thu, 09/27/2007 - 19:35