openSUSE 10.3 and KDE 4.0

Did anyone miss a news splash these days about openSUSE 10.3 not shipping KDE 4.0 as default KDE desktop like some other distro? Or maybe not as we have not been telling everyone the last half year that we would. No, we didn't have a crystal ball but experience with our long time existing KDE4 packages. "So much for" knowing what we're doing. ;-)

So what will we do? The unchanged plan is to install a selection of KDE4 applications by default on the KDE desktop of openSUSE 10.3 (some games, krfb and krdc) - also from the single i586 install CD. The openSUSE 10.3 repository will have the latest possible KDE 4.0 snapshot available. In the KDE:KDE4 Build Service project will we continue to have packages of weekly snapshots and the release. And of course we will have more "KDE Four Live" CDs. :-)