A few days ago a kind soul reminded me of, the ancient home page of Kandy, an application to sync mobile phones I wrote six years ago.

[image:2942 size=original hspace=100]

I still remember the happy feeling when I had transferred the phonebook of my mobile phone to my computer for the first time. I also still like the cheesy name "Kandy", the triple pun on "Handy", the German word for mobile phone, "Candy", and the KDE naming convention. It once was a sweet application, so please bear with me.

These days this is only a distant memory. Development of Kandy never got beyond the point where it was useful to handle more than the class of phone I owned myself. So while some people, including me, enjoyed having Kandy available for a couple of years, it's obsolete by now. The mobile phone I use today isn't able to talk to Kandy anymore and with OpenSync we have a much more powerful tool to sync not only mobile phones, but also the rest of mobile devices and desktop applications.

Goodbye Kandy.