kword 2 is addictive!

KWord in trunk (we recently got an alpha2 out) is not the same piece of software as it was in KOffice 1.x, its gotten such a makeover both internally as externally that its largely unrecognizable (in a good way). This also means that old known functionality may have problems due to it being new code.

When I woke up this morning I found this on #koffice

01:24 * astan zz.
01:24 <BCoppens> night :)
01:47 <astan> hm. is it possible to insert text frames in kword yet?
01:58 <astan> ok, i've just made my first commercial document using kword2 ;) a receipt for this bicycle i'm buying for my book café.
01:58 * astan zz for real.

I guess that after compiling KOffice from svn and taking that extra half hour to do real work on it, KWord passed some sort of test :)