KDE People have been asking me about t-shirts I composed at spreadshirt. Here you have the 'shop':


[image:2869 align=right nolink=1 width=280]The virtual shop was originally created within a Polish t-shirt company, just for Kexi t-shirts before Malaga, before spreadshirt acquired the company. At the time (2005) I was able to get the shipment within Poland quite fast. Now it always comes from Germany. No udea why. Moreover, labour is obviously more expensive there... so prices increased too.

So, yes, in this case I feel that globalization made the offer more diversified BUT also the service seems to be of much less quality (no idea about quality of the product itself yet for reasons you can read below).
Thus, I am not adveritising anything right now to you, at least not yet, especially that the guys use an oridinary cheapest post office service (apparently DHL lets the Polish post office to do the dirty work). One shipment has already been stolen, therefore leaving me without new cool t-shirts for Akademy, and not the second shipment is in its way (uups, another 14-21 days). Now I am waiting over 40 days now ;)

If you're in Germany or, say, France, maybe you will have no such problems. Try it if you like.

PS: this is non-profit shop - I get zero euro/$ for each order.