Kexi 1.1.3, and the road to KDE 4, KOffice 2

The long awaited 1.1.3 release is available.

These were long months when I shared my time between 1.1.x development, 2.x development (careful porting) and Windows version.

Aside from many fixes, Kexi 1.1.3 even brings new features, requested by users:

  • Easy data search - a new "Find" window enables easy data search for your tables, queries and forms. There are various options available like setting search direction or limiting it to a given column.
  • Images on printouts and preview - images can be now printed and displayed on the print preview.
  • Users can create database templates, accessible within the Startup dialog window.

Mandatory 1.1.3 screenshots and one screencast.

Another news is that Kexi 2.0 is now largely ported to KDE 4.