KDE4 Usability Review Cycle & HIG Hunting Season

Yesterday, the usability review cycle for KDE4 started. As the HCI working group is poor on man-power, we started an experiment to include the community into the search for obvious infringements of the KDE Human Interface Guidelines: The HIG Hunting Season.

If you recently had a look at the HIG's start page, you'll quickly spot that it's far from being finished. That's why we are preparing HIG checklists which list the most common user interface and interaction problems in KDE3.

Such issues can be stated like bugs, and that's what we ask the community for:

Please review KDE4 applications along the HIG checklists - and report bugs whenever you find an infringement!

Reviews can be performed by anyone - users, developers, technical writers, translators, developers, usability people.. anyone! If you don't have a running KDE4 environment, check out beineri's KDE four live CD or wait for the alpha release which should be available tomorrow or so.

The checklists are published on a weekly basis on the dot. For the first checklist about configuration dialogs and instructions how to proceed, please have a look at this week's dot story.

Developers who receive HIG-related bug reports which require further usability analysis please send a mail to kde-usability-devel.

Happy hunting!