KMail Hacking Day1

The first KMail hacking day is coming to a close. It has been a fun time -- working with many oldtime PIMsters and several new contributors as well. I noticed that KOrganizer was getting a little attention too.

Much of my coding time was spent adapting the toolbar to Ellen and Seele's guidelines. After some sillyness on my part (like putting the Spam and Virus Wizards on the toolbar) I think I have things under control. Note: because the toolbar puts text under the icons you will want to use QAction::setIconText("ShortText") so the typically too long menu text doesn't go on the toolbar.

And while typing this entry I get a message from Ingo that KMail can now send again! Yippee. Now we need the Qt4.3 patches which we think will fix TLS and SSL.

More fun tomorrow.


Nice to hear that PIM gets some love - I really hope that there will a KDE 4 version of the PIM set soon after KDE 4 landed.

However, almost more important than a KDE 4 version is the most hated bug of KDE which is related to kmail (GUI freeze). Will this be addressed in the new version?

By liquidat at Sun, 04/22/2007 - 11:05