After the GNOME team made a big splash about their openSUSE involvement some people thought it would be a good idea to found #opensuse-kde to not flood other #opensuse-channels with KDE talk anymore. So join for a more direct way than via the ever existing opensuse-kde mailing list (subscribe) to involve in or stay up-to-date with KDE on openSUSE development.

Interesting times lay ahead with openSUSE project's proclaimed goal to be an early adopter of (parts of) KDE 4 (weekly snapshot repository) with the next openSUSE release 10.3.


The KDE 4 packages in the Build Service are awesome stuff. Trivial to install, and updated so regularly. I get the impression that a lot of kde developers still waste their time compiling all of KDE to code/port their app to KDE 4 (because they think it's the only way to have an updated KDE 4); a shame, since it's not necessary at all.

By apokryphos at Wed, 03/21/2007 - 19:04