There is hope

I'm a juk kind of guy.

Yet a few weeks ago, frustrated with my inability to make akode or arts play the 50 mp3s from my collection of 2000-odd pieces (mostly ogg, personal CDs-ripped), I gave Amarok a new try. I still feel (very) awkward with the interface. But I kinda like a) the default classifications available in "Collection"; b) the automatic refresh/update of the collection and c) the statistics tool.

What I find impressive at different (socio-cultural) level is the cool integration with Magnatune. I just hope more music artists of this world will wake up some day and will realise in what magnificent ways Magnatune is another sign of the future social revolution of which the surely want to be part.

Thanks, KDE (and Amarok), for getting me accustomed to another great concept.


As you had problems with aRTs/akode, you might as well have some with Amarok/xine in the future (if you're using xine as backend, that is, you might use Helix depending on your distribution).

If you ever had problems with mp3s not playing then, just drop by #amarok or #xine on Freenode, and look out for me :)
If you can send me a sample, I'll look into fixing that.

By Diego Elio Pettenò at Sat, 03/17/2007 - 04:40