KDE HIG: Toolbars

A few weeks ago, Celeste posted specs for standard toolbars for the major KDE applications. Now, we wrote down some general guidelines. Again, please review and give feedback in the comments section, or write to me (ellen kde org). There are still screenshots missing for the standard toolbars.

Especially, we'd appreciate feedback on:

* What standard toolbars (applications) and toolbar components (e.g. zoom toolbar, navigation in documents) should we add?
* Who wants to help us with implementation suggestions?
* If button groups are used, do we still need separators or do the button groups take care for visual separation?


This is compatible with the Fitts' law.

Any chances to have something like this mentioned in specs to avoid reinventing this in apps?

By Jarosław Staniek at Wed, 03/14/2007 - 12:54

we actually had that in the first hig draft under status bar. i'll check if it's still there and add a link.

By Ellen Reitmayr at Wed, 03/14/2007 - 13:06

Good keyword: Zoom out should be left to zoom in, and the buttons should be _directly_ next to each other. This sucks so much e.g. with Konqueror and KPDF currently.

edit: And really standardize it KDE wide. The additional drop _editable_ dropdown box in KPDF is so much better, than the dropdown buttons Konqueror is using, but that it's different between KDE applications is a real bugger in the first place. And please make sure the KOffice guys can reuse such a component as well.

edit2: Global shortcuts for zooming (KWord has none afaik) and the same default stepping globally, too (KGhostview does 20% steps then 100%, while KPDF does 25% steps, then 50%) - user configurable wouldn't be bad either.

By carlo at Wed, 03/14/2007 - 14:26

I think that it is much more usable if you have the most used options directly in the toolbar than in the menu button. I agree that such approach can overload the toolbars, but I would prefer if one could choose between the menu/split buttons and the "expanded" buttons. Maybe something like Adobe Reader does for some options. If you don't know, Adobe Reader has the rotate clockwise/counter clockwise menu button and the last option of that menu button is "expand this button". When you expand it it has one small arrow that can be used to shrink it back. Maybe that is the way to go for the menu buttons?

By Filip Brcic at Thu, 03/15/2007 - 01:09