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FOSDEM - Day 1

Saturday, 24 February 2007  |  bart coppens

Ahh, today was a lot of fun at FOSDEM 2007 :) In the morning, I first went to the talk about software patents, then the One Laptop Per Child talk (really nifty stuff) and then the liberating java one. Then I wandered around a while at the KDE booth waiting for the afternoon talks to start. At the KDE booth, I was pleased to see that Jonathan Riddell had actually come, despite his claims to the contrary ;) The Semantic KDE talk by Jos and Stéphane was very interesting and promising, I just hope some of those promises actually get implemented. Would be very cool indeed. After that I went to the AIGLX talk, so I unfortunately had to skip Flavio's Strigi talk :( After that came the GEGL talk, which was very interesting. I thought it would've been nice if it had even more details, but I realize that for a generic hacker audience, this was already detailed enough (it even included creepy C #define-hackery :P). My day ended with Sander's documentation talk, which I thought had some interesting ideas. In between and after the talks, there was a lot of chatting amongst the KDE developers, which was pretty fun as well. Hopefully tomorrow will be at least as fun as today was! :)"