Qt3 D-Bus again

After almost a year of I am working on the Qt3 D-Bus bindings again.

The past week I have been fiercely working on getting them in shape for the requirement of the D-Bus based DAPI implementation on KDE3.

Since working with bindings is quite boring I decided to write a code generator that creates nice wrapper code for D-Bus interfaces (service and client side).

This really got me into hacker mood, so aside from the benefit of easier debugging later on I had the necessary commitment for free :)

Today I have been working on support for maps (dictionaries in D-Bus speak), but I think I should have concentrated on QString as key first and not writing code for all primitives right away.

If you want to see something in action, check this mailinglist posting by me for further links.

Since I am a bit of a KDE PIM guy, I especially like the address book section :)

Btw, how about a "D-Bus" tag for kdedeveloper.org's blog system? ;)