Do you know KNetWalk?

You think that you know every game that KDE ships? How about KNetWalk? It's a nice little game - not just for system administrators. The chance that you have it already installed is high, it's in the kdegames module! It entered SVN in May 2005, received bug fixes, got ported to KDE 4. But only the upcoming KDE 3.5.6 release will fix the biggest bug: the non-appearance of KNetWalk in the K menu. Have a nice play...


I just tried knetwalk and it's a nice game but there seems to be something lacking. Like there's no multilevel play and no spiffy animations after the level is complete. See http://www.popcap.com/gamepopup.php?theGame=rocketmania for example.

Nice features to have would be if hackers damaged the lines and/or servers so the game could be a race against time. As always, being able to do world-wide hiscore and having powerups would be nice too.


By bensch at Mon, 01/22/2007 - 11:54