An anniversary

It's the fifth time that I'm at Osnabrueck, always for the same reason, the KDE PIM meeting we hold each January since 2003. So now it's the fifth meeting and that's a small anniversary. As always the meeting is hosted by Intevation. Many thanks to them for doing this for five years in a row. It always has been great.

I arrived at noon together with Will. We met Till and Frank in the train and Martin and Volker already were there when we got at the Intevation office. After a nice lunch at a bagel place we are now preparing for some serious hacking. Volker already has committed a complete Akonadi browser. In the mean time now also David is here, which is especially great, as he is one of the few long-term KDE PIM hackers, who the rest of us hasn't met in person before. We are still waiting for Tobias. When he is there we will officially kick-off the meeting. Some more people will arrive later today and tomorrow, so that we will have a nice group together tomorrow in the afternoon.

[image:2616 size=original hspace=80]

Main topics of the meeting will be Akonadi and KDE PIM 4. We will document what we are doing on the KDE PIM web site and you will get some of the results on the kde-pim mailing list and of course in SVN.