Package The World

I was feeling a bit poorly today so I decided to spend the day doing something fairly easy but productive and beneficial for openSUSE: re-familiarising myself with the Build Service by packaging some software.

Since I'd not packaged anything since some Kopete 0.12 prereleases, I was feeling a little guilty by not using this resource. Those feelings were assuaged by updating the packages for Frozen Bubble to 2.1.0 - it's the craze sweeping the KDE team at SUSE this week - and KTorrent to 2.1beta1.

Osc - the openSUSE commander has improved a lot since I last tried and it was very easy (with its SVN-like interface) to check out packages, do the usual specfile and diff fettling needed to get a local build (osc build) to compile and then upload the updated package into the Build Service. Next up, packaging Michael Larouche's gamefu emulator frontend - or will I hack MSX support into it first?