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Konqueror and the router

Sunday, 19 November 2006  |  bart coppens

After our previous router died after a lightning strike, we got a new one. Since that new one was active, though, I had the strangest experience: when my KDE session reloaded my Konquerors, it would often claim the hosts did not exist. That's quite a big WTF, I'd say. For some reason, all DNS requests stopped working over UDP for a small while. (Manually dig'ing with +tcp worked.) Which is pretty annoying if your session also starts Akregator, which also wants to look up lots of hostnames.

At first, I blamed my DNS server. I then quickly moved to blaming my router or KDE, depending on my mood. Turns out, it's probably the last one. Because yesterday, a blog title caught my eye: konqueror en dns requests (Dutch. And what are the odds of randomly finding a solution to a weird Konq problem on a blog hosted at my university! For those not understanding Dutch, he also commented on the bug report). It described my problem, and offered an easy solution: use a small and local DNS server. So I installed dnsmasq, and this morning I had no more DNS problems anymore! Yay! Let's hope it stays that way.

Now I seem to have regressed back into my pre-DNS-problem issue of 'the process for the ...url... protocol died unexpectedly'. Which while annoying, doesn't even start to reach the DNS annoyingness.