Thanks Bug Squashers!

I just stood back and watched in awe today. Bug Squashers from all over the world came to the rescue of the PIM developers on #kde-bugs. Over 100 bugs gone. Wow! The Bug Triage Days are a fantastic idea and a wonder to behold.

Speaking for all KDE-PIM developers, past, present (and future). I want to publicly thank all those who came out to help. Let's do it again tomorrow.

I wonder.. does anyone want to volunteer to be the KMail or KOrganizer "Bug Triage" person? This person(s) would be responsible for the triage of all new bugs: sort of a layer between the developers and the bug reporters? We could maybe expand this to the KMail/KOrg Quality Team that manages the bugs, web presence, artwork creation, etc. No development experience would be necessary. Just some organizational skills. An idea anyway.

But, to the main point of this blog: Thank You Bug Squashers!


I have been reviewing incoming bug reports for two or three weeks now. Not only KDE PIM, but for all components. So it's basically done for the time being.

Bram Schoenmakers
KDE Netherlands (www.kde.nl)

By Bram Schoenmakers at Sun, 10/29/2006 - 08:12

Hi Bram.

I think you meant to say "Not only KMail, but for all KDE-PIM components..."

Excellent news.

I still think a KDE-PIM Quality "Team" that organizes stuff and interfaces with the web people, artists, doc writers, marketeers, etc would be a wonderful thing.

By awinterz at Sun, 10/29/2006 - 16:15