News from the sideline

I have been quite sucessfull with my secondary development projects this week.

The problem of the KDE packages in Debian has been fixed, thanks to the swift response of Fathi Boudra.

Just in case you didn't know yet: Debian's KDE packages are top notch, packages for the enthusiasts!

I managed to tackle the problem regarding espacing UTF-8 sequences in Portland's xdg-email all by myself :)

Supported by valuable feedback from KDE guru David Faure regarding the URI decoding problem, I came up with a hack^Wsolution for the special case in xdg-email, when the session locale is different from UTF-8 but the URI is constructed using UTF-8.
This hasn't been comitted yet as I have been waiting for some feedback, but since it improves the situation on my system (locale encoding being set to ISO-8859-15) I'll commit it tomorrow unless any objection is raised.

Finally, also Portland related, a patch of mine for adding xdg-utils support to one of Wine's tools got committed by Wine's maintainer Alexandre Julliard.

So, off to spreading more xdg-utils mayhem^Wgoodness over the world ;)