This morning my phone was really busy ...
each time it was the same person asking for
the local computer shop ... and each time I told her
that it was the wrong number. But here the fun begin ...

- You're sure you're not BBFG Computers because in the phone book it said this is the right number.
- No I'm not BBFG Computers.
- But the phone book said you're!! And I ordered a computer 3 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for it.
-Mrs. I'm not BBFG Computers. You have the wrong number.
-Look stop lying to me and if you don't gave me my computer that I allready paid for
I'll sue you.
-Mrs. what is the number you have dialed?
- here it's 613-820-xxxx
- it's imposible!!! The phonebook will never lie!!
- you probably dialed '2' instead of '5'. I know my phone number.
- Oh! sorry ...

So far it's ok ... except she called 7 times!!! and the same stupid thing happened over and over again ...

I'm currently wondering if she's too dumb to use correctly the phonebook and the phone, I don't want to imagine how she will uses her computer ... maybe we should
ask for "Computer Usage license" ... or maybe don't allow morons to use computers and reproduce ... I'm a little bit pissed off this morning ... time for coffee :D